A downloadable game for Windows

The classic Breakout game made in Unreal Engine as a learning exercise.


[Arrows] or [A][D] to move the Paddle.

Game will start and reset automatically.

Programming was made by me. Art by Pablo Victor

Unreal Engine Post-mortem

This is the second part in the "Breakout in different engines" series. The first one, on the Duality Game Engine, is right here. This time I'll be talking about the Unreal Engine, but first I think I need to acknowledge something: I didn't have enough time to really explore and experiment with the Engine before building my first game. Most of the problems I encountered are probably usual first-time experience stuff that will quickly go away once I have some more hands-on experience with the engine. Well then, on to the post-mortem.


One of the most prominent features of the Unreal Engine is the visual coding, called Blueprints in the Engine. I found it a pretty interesting and, after some initial hassle, intuitive way of programming, but I have the feeling that programming most of the stuff would be much more efficient. Some really basic stuff that would take only a few lines of code takes a bunch of clicks and drags and drops to set up on a blueprints.

FPS Focus

The Engine's FPS focus was another hurdle I had to go through. Even on an empty project, the Engine seems to assume I'm making such a game and automatically spawns a player with an FPS control and camera setups, which I wasn't expecting. Took me a little while to learn I had to make some changes to the default game mode and camera before I could look at the scene the way I wanted to. In the end, I couldn't even make the Breakout a 2D game and it ended up being a simple 3D game with an orthographic camera.

Quality of life

To end on a high note, the Engine does have a number of quality-of-life features I loved and will probably look for at the Unity Asset Store, such as the ruler to easily measure distance between objects and the ability to easily change step size when moving, scaling or rotating objects.

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Published 77 days ago


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